Minimally Invasive
Hammertoe Surgery

Do your toes look ugly?  Can you not fit your toes into your shoes? Have you stopped wearing heels because of your toes?


If you suffer from hammertoes and the corns that can develop as a result, you know how painful and unsightly this condition can be. We can help alleviate the pain and get you back on your feet quickly.


Our board-certified surgeons have been performing minimally invasive surgery for hammertoes and corns for many patients and can help you understand both the condition and its treatment.

Make your toes happy again!

Hammertoe, also called claw toes and mallet toes, are toes that have curled downward. Hammertoes are caused by an imbalance in the architecture of the foot. When tendons are overworked repeatedly over time, they tend to stiffen and become unable to relax, causing hammertoe.

Pros & Cons of MIS Hammertoe Surgery



If I Choose to Have MIS Hammertoe Surgery, What can I Expect?

As is the case with all procedures with our MIS Hammertoe Surgeons, we treat hammertoes with minimally invasive surgery. Depending on the severity of your condition, our board-certified surgeons will perform one of three minimally invasive surgical procedures. Minimally invasive surgery is fast, safe, and more cost-effective than other surgical procedures. And, if the hammer toes have caused the growth of painful corns, those will also be removed as part of your treatment.


You’ll be able to walk and drive immediately following surgery and many of our patients go back to work the next day. You will need to wear a post-operative shoe for about a week following the operation.

1 mm Incision

A major advantage of MIS Hammertoe Surgery is the lack of traditional large incisions. Our surgeons utilize specialized instruments that allow all work to be completed through tiny holes that heal quickly and rarely causes scarring.

No Pins

Everyone has heard that bunion surgery requires lots of pins, screws and even plates.  MIS Hammertoe surgery requires NO HARDWARE, leading to less pain and less swelling.

Little Pain

Most of our patients state they have little to no pain after their MIS Hammertoe procedures. Our MIS Surgeons have training and experience utilizing a specialized technique mastered only by a handful of surgeons across the country.

No immobility

Forget the cast. Forget the crutches. Forget the non-weightbearing. Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery allows the patient walk out of the surgery center without the worry of causing damage to the surgical site.  Did we mention, that MIS Hammertoe surgery requires NO ANESTHESIA? This allows patients of any age to fix their feet! 

Covered by Insurance

Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery is covered by your insurance plan.  Our finance department will work with you to explain how your insurance plan works for covering the fees associated with your surgical experience.


Want to pay cash for your hammertoe surgery? Our minimally invasive surgeons perform affordable surgery.  Most patient’s are surprised that the surgical procedure can be performed for under $1000. In fact, a lot of our patient’s with very high deductible insurance plans elect to pay cash as it can be cheaper!

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